Spark Structure and Programs

Team Reactor (RGSC) specializes in promoting the expansion, connectivity, energy and cultural identity of the innovation ecosystem.

      • Spark Cells at bases enable Airmen & Guardians to connect, collaborate, and tap into the growing body of knowledge around DAF innovation.
      • Major Command (MAJCOM) Innovation Cells champion pathways for grassroots innovation to scale and help to drive alignment between operational and tactical innovation priorities.
      • Colliders bring together stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem (DAF Customers and End-Users, Industry, Investors, Academia, etc.) to drive product-market fit and solve Airmen and Guardian problems.

Team Forge (RGST) specializes in training and developing Airmen & Guardian Innovators as a warfighting capability through curriculum and experiential learning.

      • Internships and Fellowships enable DAF Innovators to be exposed to new ideas, tools and approaches, grow their network, and ‘learn through doing’ through part-time and full-time career broadening opportunities.
      • Innovation Training spreads best-practices for innovation, intrapreneurship, and investment across the DAF through multiple avenues (products/recordings, in-person/virtual/hybrid courses, and more).
      • Augmentee Opportunities mobilize large cohorts of DAF innovators and subject matter experts to tackle wicked-hard problems for the Department.

Team Catalyst (RGSI) specializes in accelerating capability development & actively supporting Airmen & Guardian Innovators.

    • Spark Tank identifies and elevates Airmen and Guardian innovators, helping to translate ideas to execution and create innovation ‘heroes’ that drive a virtuous cycle of innovation across the Department.
    • The Innovation Strike Team supports high-potential innovations (and the intrapreneurs behind them) to help transition more and better solutions to the field.

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