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Spark Structure and Programs

At Spark, we “Empower innovators and accelerate results”. We do this by connecting, developing, and supporting airmen and guardian innovators.

Network Branch (RGSC)

The Spark Network Branch (RGSC) builds, empowers and mobilizes DAF innovation networks:

  • Spark Cells at bases enable Airmen & Guardians to connect, collaborate, and tap into the growing body of knowledge around DAF innovation.
  • Innovation Scaling Cells at MAJCOMs and Centers champion pathways for grassroots innovation to scale and help to drive alignment between operational and tactical innovation priorities.
  • Augmentee Opportunities mobilize large cohorts of DAF innovators and subject matter experts to tackle complex problems for the DAF.
  • Colliders bring together stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem (DAF Customers and End-Users, Industry, Investors, Academia, etc.) to drive product-market fit and solve Airmen and Guardian problems.

Development Branch (RGST)

The Spark Development Branch (RGST) develops DAF innovators through curriculum and experience:

  • Internships and Fellowships enable DAF Innovators to be exposed to new ideas, tools and approaches, grow their network, and “learn through doing” through part-time and full-time career broadening opportunities.
  • Innovation Training spreads best-practices for innovation, intrapreneurship, and investment across the DAF through multiple avenues (products/recordings, in-person/virtual/hybrid courses, and more).

Catalyst Branch (RGSI)

The Spark Catalyst Branch (RGSI) supports DAF innovators through facilitation and advocacy:

  • Spark Tank identifies and elevates Airmen and Guardian innovators, helping to translate ideas to execution and create innovation “heroes” that drive a virtuous cycle of innovation across the Department.
  • The Spark Refinery allows promising DAF intrapreneurs to rapidly validate their proposed approaches and supports them through their journey to test and scale their solutions.
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