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SAGE Fellowship Program

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  • (Shared Awareness Through Guided Empowerment)

    SAGE Fellows serve as the primary point of contact for civilian companies who have been awarded a Phase I SBIR contract. The DAF can be a daunting landscape to navigate and discover potential end-users for emerging technologies, especially in a finite time period of a Phase I SBIR. SAGE Fellows will expedite the Phase I end-user discovery process so that companies can focus on adapting their emerging technologies to the needs of the warfighter.

    During this program, participants will assist businesses to navigate the DAF communications and facilitate potential customer discovery. After completing this fellowship, participants will have the skillset to effectively navigate SBIR resources and opportunities for their career fields. They will also have developed a deep understanding of cutting edge technologies, and built a strong foundation for managing small businesses.

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  • All AFSCs and career fields eligible
  • Open to all ranks, past participants have included E4-O5 and GS-5 to GS-15
  • Full time and part time assignments available
  • Applicants can be OCONUS during the duration of the program
  • A signed Memorandum of Agreement from your unit is required upon acceptance
  • Fellowship work will be conducted during duty hours as part of official duties
  • TDY opportunities during the program will be funded by AFWERX


  • Ability to work virtually – Fellowship is 100% remote
  • Be motivated and a self-starter, possess great communication skills, have a passion for innovation, and a desire to create change to further advance the capabilities of the USAF and USSF.
  • Applicants will be responsible for securing Guard days, if applicable
  • Minimum weekly commitment for part time applicants is 20 hours per week
  • Must be a federal employee


  • SAGE Fellowship – 3 Month Program
  • Next cohort 13 May to 30 August
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Fellowship FAQs

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The AFWERX Fellowship program is designed to broaden innovation perspectives and understanding for USSF and USAF military and civilian members.  Each cohort relies on experiential learning and curated professional development to cultivate a deep understanding of AFWERX operations and industry trends. Throughout the program, fellows will engage with programs and projects that have DAF level impacts.  Participants will learn how to build and utilize their own DAF innovation ecosystem to propel projects forward.  

AFWERX is proud to offer several fellowship opportunities.  Each experience is unique, and is designed to resonate with the wide range of skills that Airmen and Guardians will bring to the fellowships.

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