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AFVentures Weekly Webinar Series

The AFWERX team will be attending many events in the coming months, so we will be taking a summer break from our weekly webinar schedule. Please join us at one of the following events:

SBIR/STTR Spring Innovation Conference (part of TechConnect): June 17 – 18 (Washington, DC)

SBIR/STTR Road Tour, Lakes: July 15 – 19 (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota)

EAA AirVenture Air Show: July 22 – 28 (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)

AFRL Wright Dialogue with Industry (WDI): July 31 – August 2 (Dayton, Ohio)

Fed Supernova: August 20 – 22 (Austin, TX)

If you have questions over the summer, please reach out to one of our AFVentures org boxes:

Open Topic Phase I: p1@afwerx.af.mil
Open Topic Phase II: p2@afwerx.af.mil
Specific Topic: usaf.team@afsbirsttr.us
STRATFI/TACFI: stratfi.tacfi@afwerx.af.mil

For the most current updates and solicitations, visit afwerx.com and follow us on our social media channels. We truly appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Please note, all content and slide decks were current as of date of original publication.

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16 May 2024

24.6 Open Topic Direct to Phase II (D2P2) AMA #2

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9 May 2024

Space Force Engagement Pathways

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25 Apr 2024

24.6 Open Topic Direct to Phase II (D2P2) AMA #1

Note: Slides 15 and 21 of the presentation have been updated to Attachment 12 (vs. Attachment 13)
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18 Apr 2024

SpaceWERX Commercialization Support Program in partnership with DTI

AFV logo
11 Apr 2024


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4 Apr 2024

Specific Topic 101

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28 Mar 2024

Open Topic Phase II and D2P2: Completing the Customer Memorandum

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21 Mar 2024

Program Year 24 STRATFI/TACFI Selection Overview & Lessons Learned

AFV logo
14 Mar 2024

Program Year 24.2 STRATFI/TACFI (Space Related Efforts) Notice of Opportunity Ask Me Anything

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29 Feb 2024

24.5/D Open Topic Phase I AMA #3

AFV logo
22 Feb 2024

Spark Refinery – Airmen & Guardian Innovation Accelerator

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15 Feb 2024

24.5/D Open Topic Phase I AMA #2

AFV logo
8 Feb 2024

Autonomy Prime Innovative Capabilities Offering and First Fly Off AMA

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1 Feb 2024

24.5/D Open Topic Phase I AMA #1

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25 Jan 2024

DSIP 101

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11 Jan 2024

AFVentures 101

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14 Dec 2023

AFWERX Challenges AMA

AFV logo
9 Nov 2023


AFV logo
17 Aug 2023


AFV logo
3 Aug 2023

How to Read a Solicitation: Part Three (Specific Topic)

AFV logo
20 Jul 2023

Specific Topic Overview

AFV logo
29 Jun 2023

Small Businesses Need Big Cybersecurity

AFV logo
15 Jun 2023

How to Read a Solicitation: Part Two (Open Topic D2P2)

AFV logo
8 Jun 2023

Phase III: Engaging the Market & Transition

AFV logo
25 May 2023

How GSA is Helping to Bridge the “Valley of Death”

AFV logo
18 May 2023

How to Read a Solicitation: Part One (Open Topic Phase I)

AFV logo
11 May 2023

Regulatory Considerations: Project Hurdles

AFV logo
8 Dec 2022


AFV logo
1 Sep 2022

How to read a SBIR contract

AFV logo
4 Aug 2022

Spark Overview

AFV logo
14 Apr 2022

SpaceWERX Overview

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