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Traditional and Air Reserve Component (ARC) Fellows will be assigned to AFWERX Ventures, Spark, Prime, or SpaceWERX divisions for projects. Fellows will have an opportunity to pursue additional assignments at several points throughout the cohort. The purpose of this fellowship is to explore and absorb as much information and experience as possible.

During this four-month fellowship, or the more flexible timeline of the ARC Fellowship, you may support a range of projects: MAJCOM outreach; work efforts to incubate, accelerate and transition Airmen/Guardian ideas; design innovation training; or participate in a SBIR/STTR sprint.

We look forward to working with you in an upcoming cohort!

The new ARC Fellowship program has been tailored for Drill Status members of the Air National Guard and Traditional or IMA members of the Air Force Reserve. It is aimed at providing Airmen with AFWERX Funded MPA days along with the flexibility needed to balance both Military and Civilian obligations.

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ARC Fellowship

Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis

Apply for an ARC Fellowship


  • All AFSCs and career fields eligible
  • Open to all ranks, past participants have included E4-O5 and GS-5 to GS-15
  • Full time and part time assignments available
  • Applicants can be OCONUS during the duration of the program (Traditional Fellow Only)
  • A signed Memorandum of Agreement from your unit is required upon acceptance
  • Fellowship work will be conducted during duty hours as part of official duties
  • TDY opportunities during the program will be funded by AFWERX


  • Ability to work virtually – Fellowship is 100% remote
  • Be motivated and a self-starter, possess great communication skills, have a passion for innovation, and a desire to create change to further advance the capabilities of the USAF and USSF.
  • Applicants will be responsible for securing their own Reserve or Guard days, if applicable
  • Minimum weekly commitment for part time applicants is 20 hours per week
  • Must be a federal employee


  • Spring: January 22 – May 15, 2024
  • Summer: May 6 – September 15, 2024
  • Fall: September 4 – December 20, 2024
  • ARC Fellowship: Flexible Dates between June 1 – September 30 2024

Traditional and ARC fellows will be assigned to a division and project team. Below is an overview of possible assignments for each division. Additionally, there are a growing number of special project and operation teams within AFWERX who may identify you as a strong candidate. Upon acceptance you may be offered a position with those teams based on your resume, questionnaire, and possible interview.

After the initial cohort onboarding process, fellows will be given the opportunity to create their own projects within a division. These projects often identify a novel solution or build a new initiative to enhance the operations of AFWERX.

  • Spark

    The division that empowers innovators and accelerates results through programs that connect, develop and support Airmen and Guardian innovators – e.g. base-level Spark Cells, MAJCOM Innovation Cells, Industry Colliders, Internships, Fellowships, Innovation Training, Spark Tank, Refinery and more!


    Possible assignments: 
    Refinery, Colliders, Fellowship Operations, Training Development, Spark Cell Logistics, Augmentee Program, Spark Tank Operations, Summer Internship Operations.

  • AFVentures

    This division creates simple pathways for commercial innovators and private capital investment to help solve problems for the Department of the Air Force.


    Possible assignments:
    Database creation and refinement, Contract engagements, Contract review, SBIR/STTR Program Team.

  • Prime

    The division develops technology marketplaces, helping identify new prime technology sectors in the commercial space, energy, autonomy, analytics and wargaming, supersonics, microelectronics, etc.  Within Prime there are several lines of effort including Agility Prime, Orbital Prime, and Autonomy Prime.


    Possible assignments:
    Technical assignments surrounding eVTOLS, bridging use cases for a Prime line of effort, building industry partnerships, exploring use cases for emerging technologies

  • SpaceWERX

    The division that inspires and empowers collaboration with innovators to accelerate capabilities and shape our future in space.


    Possible assignments:
    Managing the operations of the SpaceWERX ecosystem, building industry partnerships.

Fellowship FAQs

The AFWERX Fellowship program is designed to broaden innovation perspectives and understanding for USSF and USAF military and civilian members. Each cohort relies on experiential learning and curated professional development to cultivate a deep understanding of AFWERX operations and industry trends. Throughout the program, fellows will engage with programs and projects that have DAF level impacts. Participants will learn how to build and utilize their own DAF innovation ecosystem to propel projects forward.  

AFWERX is proud to offer several fellowship opportunities. Each experience is unique, and is designed to resonate with the wide range of skills that Airmen and Guardians will bring to the fellowships.

Hear it from our almuni

The fellowship is an amazing opportunity to learn about another part of the DOD that isn’t often shared. I was able to dive into venture capital and investments while interviewing investors across the nation. The biggest return on investment was networking with other fellows and members across AFWERX. It’s a well-connected community where someone has the answer to a question.

TSgt Lopez

The professional development experience I received from being with the Due Diligence team challenged me to get outside my comfort zone and truly apply myself. When I started the program, I was told there would be no handrails during my fellowship. With that level of freedom in the military, I believe there is a level of trust which has to be repaid by a genuine effort. I got to see and work at the Pentagon, meet with the FBI in San Francisco, and present at a conference in Texas. I think the fellowship is a gem in the Air and Space Force community and it’s a meeting place for the intelligent, persistent, and hardworking Airmen and Guardians to truly shine.

TSgt Causey

This fellowship introduced me to a world I didn’t know existed and taught me so much about emerging technologies. I gained so much knowledge and got the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops.

MSgt Tullos

This AFWERX Fellowship introduced me to a family of like-minded individuals, reigniting my sense of purpose and focus on the importance and impact we have for our warfighters. During this cohort, I have had the opportunities and privileges to create STEM outreach initiatives with BattleBots, participate in the Spaceport of the Future Challenge, collaborate with brilliant data infrastructure engineers, and impact the future of training for our warfighters. I am both grateful and honored for this experience as a fellow.

Ms. Burnett

Being part of the AFWERX Traditional Fellowship and working with Prime provided a lot of professional development like networking, leadership, and exposure to numerous projects outside your regular Air Force specialty. Through the tremendous travel opportunities, I had the opportunity to see the power of collaboration and fostering partnerships. This immersive experience totally changed my mindset around innovation.

TSgt Kolawole

I often reflect on the AFWERX Fellowship with a single thought, ‘I wish I had embarked on this journey earlier in my career.’ Joining as a Chief Master Sgt. with 22 years of service, I realized that this program is not bound by time or rank. It’s a timeless opportunity, offering invaluable experiences for both the seasoned and the newly enlisted. This realization brings a profound message: the AFWERX Fellowship is a catalyst for transformation at any career stage. It’s a call to action for all who seek to elevate their impact and broaden their horizons. For anyone considering it, embrace this chance, and know this: it’s never too late to ignite a new chapter of professional discovery.

CMSgt Christian

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