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Spark Tank

Spark Tank, unleashing the innovative capacity of our Airmen and Guardians

Spark Tank is an annual competition during which Airmen and Guardians pitch innovative ideas to the top Department of the Air Force leadership and a panel of industry experts.

To support Spark Tank, the Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF) leverages the Guardians and Airmen Innovation Network (GAIN) platform, which allows Airmen and Guardians to share ideas, critique submissions, and upvote the most promising solutions. Please note the GAIN system is CAC-enabled and requires users to login through its host platform. Instructions can be found on the public facing GAIN website at The intrapreneurs with the most game-changing and upvoted ideas by the senior selection panel will then compete at the Spark Tank Finals event.

The pitch competition event and innovation awards are designed to encourage intrapreneurship, retain innovators, and speed up the adoption of emerging technologies, especially those developed by Airmen and Guardians that bring game-changing impact to our Air Force and Space Force.

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