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Specific Topic Solicitation Opportunity (Space only): DoD SBIR/STTR 24.3/C
Pre-release: Aug. 21, 2024┃Open Date: Sept. 18, 2024┃Close Date: Oct. 16, 2024 at 12PM ET
* Dates are subject to change

Specific Topic

The Specific Topic seeks innovative solutions for a very particular problem set that is defined by an Air Force end user or customer. Sometimes, the topics and requirements are not a dual-use capability and are specific to the DoD. Overall, Specific Topics have clearly-defined requirements and a known Air Force customer built into the topic solicitation. Small businesses are able to directly propose solutions to specific DAF needs, and upon award for a Phase I, Phase II, or D2P2, will work with that specified end user to address the capability gap or problem statement put forth in the solicitation.

Phase I

  • Period of Performance: 6 months
  • A maximum award of $180K
  • On contract to conduct Technical Feasibility 
  • Two deliverables (preliminary & final reports)
  • Prepare for Phase II application
  • Conduct technical feasibility study but not required to find a new Customer & End User, baked in with requirements definition

Phase II

Objective: Continue the research/R&D effort from the completed Phase I OR from a Direct-to-Phase II award where the proposal has sufficient scientific and technical feasibility and merit despite the lack of a Phase I award. This project further develops the technology solution for the DAF stated need.

  • Typical
    • Period of Performance: Up to 24-months
    • A maximum award of $1.8M ($1.8M for STTR)
    • Milestone Deliverables IAW Proposal Milestone Schedule
  • Direct to Phase II (D2P2)
    • Period of Performance: Up to 24-months
    • A maximum award of $1.8M
    • Milestone Deliverables IAW Proposal Milestone Schedule
    • Must demonstrate technical merit.

Learn more about current and future solicitations, and Submit Your Proposal here.

Remember, the solicitation is the final authoritative source of requirements.

Specific Topic Overview

How to get involved


  • A SBIR/STTR proposal for any DoD component must be submitted through the online DoD Submission website.
  • Check our website, social media channels
  • The Specific Topic typically follows the OSD BAA Solicitation Schedule.
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  • Specific Topic solicitations are dependent upon the relevant Air Force or Space Force end user. Airmen and Guardians must work with the AFVentures Specific Topic Program to define a Topic as a Problem Statement, defining requirements listing them in specific Requests for Proposals that meet limited scope solution sets.
  • Interested program offices will receive funding from AFWERX to use for their Specific Topic solicitations, and funding decisions will likely be made and prioritized based upon alignment with DoD priorities.  As of FY23, Specific Topic solicitation opportunities are open to all DAF organizations.

*Always reference the Solicitation Instructions for information specific to the Topic your proposal is aligned with.  These details may vary each Solicitation and between topics.

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