Airspace Innovation & Prime Partnerships (AIPP)

The AFWERX Airspace Innovation and Prime Partnership (AIPP) program supports AFWERX Prime with all things related to National Airspace System integration and developing the necessary partnerships for success. The team is at the forefront of new regulations to secure safe and sustainable travel in the near future.


To safely accelerate airspace modernization for emerging technologies by leveraging key partnerships as part of the U.S. National Strategy.


Supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to modernize the National Airspace System.

  • Establish diverse partnerships to identify and accelerate emerging technology sectors.
  • Develop Airspace Verification and Validation Ground to facilitate integrated test efforts.
  • Inform regulations and policies for integration of emerging technologies.


We are moving towards uncharted skies with the future of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Everyone from policy makers, to aircraft manufacturers, to the public, and the DoD have the same question‚Äďwhat does the future of AAM look like?

This is how we are carving a path for AAM:

  • Develop unified standards and policies
  • Integrate low altitude weather network
  • Validate emerging technologies and infrastructure for BVLOS and autonomous operations into the NAS


To achieve one DoD AAM Strategy, we are accelerating change through collaboration with our key partners:

  • DoD
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • FAA
  • US Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Industry
  • Academia
  • State and Local
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