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Design Warfare

Design Warfare is a four week Design Thinking course open to DoD members and specific guests. There is a maximum of 20 students per cohort.

Through a Design Thinking curriculum, installations across the DAF are seeing success at sparking an Airmen and Guardian innovation mindset. Project AllSpark is providing the academic foundation. However, the course should be thought of as an expert summit where every participant contributes to the Air Force and Space Force unified innovation culture. Participants then act as a catalyst to propagate the culture back at their home installations.

Objective: Teach teams of Airmen and Guardians how to be intrapreneurs within their instillations. Just like an entrepreneur founding a small business, intrapreneurs must be able to make thoroughly researched end user centric decisions. Design Warfare combines design thinking, Spark Cell operations, and project based learning with problem curation.


May 02 - 26 2022


All Day

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4100 Fairfax Drive #450 Arlington, VA 22203


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