AFWERX is excited to continue strengthening partnerships in our new AFWERX Fellowship!

During this four-month cohort, you’ll gain insight into AFWERX capabilities, share your expertise with us and explore how we can work together to get after Space Force and Air Force challenges faster, smarter. AFWERX also looks forward to you bringing forward innovation challenges from your organization that the AFWERX team can help you solve during your Fellowship.

To develop the workforce we need for our future, it is imperative that we expand and grow our collective knowledge and influencer networks, and uncover pathways to resources that enable us to keep pace in an environment where change is unyielding. General Brown has called upon all Total Force Airmen to prioritize speed of delivery and foster a culture of courageous problem-solvers through collaboration and diversity of thought, approach and solution execution for current and future operations. The AFWERX Fellowship is one small step in that direction.

There are three teams looking for new partners:

Partner with the division that makes Airmen problems heard and help be the positive catalyst for developing the innovative solutions.

Gain insight into the AFVentures team who are creating simple pathways for commercial innovators and private capital investment to help the Department of the Air Force solve problems.

Learn about how to engage in one of the newest developing technology marketplaces, advanced air mobility vehicles (aka “flying cars”) under Agility Prime or help identify new prime technology sectors in commercial space, energy, autonomy, analytics and wargaming, supersonics, microelectronics etc.


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