how to leverage the sbir program

Browse Companies

If you're interested in partnering with a SBIR company to see if their product or service aligns with your mission, review the list of companies on contract here.

Submit Your Problem

We collect problem statements via the Guardian and Airmen Innovation Network (G.A.I.N) to help you find a SBIR company that would best fit your area of interest.

Individuals who submit their problem statements must be willing to share their contact information and work with companies in order to ensure an appropriate fit.

Partner with a Company for a Trial Run

To officially partner with a SBIR company, you must complete a Customer Memorandum to work with them before you both can move on to the second phase of the process--a trial with the Air Force funded through the SBIR program.

The most updated memo template will be included on the company's list of application requirements during the next cycle of the year, which will be found here.

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