AFWERX Internship Program

This program was created to contribute to the development of multi-capable and adaptable officer force by empowering and connecting cadets to innovation efforts at AFWERX and throughout the USAF and USSF innovation ecosystem. Cadets will virtually support a range of efforts from base level up to MAJCOM level including conducting research, project management, building a minimum viable product, to navigating through the acquisition and contracting processes and much more! All cadets who participate in this unpaid internship program are highly driven individuals seeking to make a difference and willing to volunteer their time to take part in impactful projects throughout the USAF and USSF.

target audience
  • AFROTC Cadets
  • USAFA Cadets

Cadet Minimum Requirements

  • Be enrolled in an AFROTC program or at USAFA
  • Be motivated and a self-starter, great communication skills, have a passion for innovation, and a desire to create change to further advance the capabilities of the USAF and USSF


Additional details
  • Cadet support is 100% remote
  • All majors and AFSCs accepted
  • Internship length is 8-12 weeks with opportunities to extend
  • Program fulfills AFROTC Professional Development Training (PDT) credit
  • TDYs are available through Project Sponsor funding
  • Internship is unpaid
  • Internship time requirements vary by semester
    program timelines
    • Summer 2022 (June - July)


    AFROTC cadets: Gain insight into AFWERX and the Air Force base level/MAJCOM level initiatives and discover innovation enablers and pathways to resources that can benefit you in your future roles as Officers. USAF/USSF: Gain added brain-power to your organization to help drive your base and MAJCOM level initiatives and mentor the future officers of our USAF & USSF.


    AFWERX - United States Air Force

    During my time as an AFWERX intern, I supported the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT) Virtual Reality effort at Sheppard AFB, TX. As part of the effort to transform the way the Air Force trains pilots, ENJJPT is adding 360-degree training videos that allow student pilots to see exactly what specific maneuvers will look like, even before ever getting into the aircraft.

    Army officer - Military rank

    I applied for the internship because I wanted to expand my understanding of how to best support the Air Force through project management as well as build relationships with current Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. During my time as an AFWERX intern, I supported Lakenheath AFB on standing up SharePoint Online, a collaboration, project management and data management tool.

    Army officer - Military rank

    I first found out about the AFWERX Internship Program from fellow cadets and cadre. I knew I wanted to help work on projects that supported the Air Force and made things more efficient, so I decided to apply. Before joining the program all I knew was that AFWERX was the “innovation branch” of the Air Force. Little did I know, I would learn AFWERX offers so much more!

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